The many hats

 To create an exceptional game, it takes exceptional people!



Robert S.

Team/Project Lead

”  As CEO and entrepreneur, I believe that success isn’t built by fighting the old, but by embracing the new.  “


Hein B.

Lead Programmer

”  I love being creative, I play guitar in my spare time and strive for new ideas.  ”                                                


David A.


”  Like an intricate puzzle being pieced together, nothing is more satisfying than seeing a team’s code woven into one.  “


Austin M.


”  I enjoy the freedom and diversity that video games give me to experience things that I may not get to do in my lifetime. Experiences like these become nostalgic and keep the inner child of me alive for years. Nothing beats going back to experience the Halo trilogy again for the 100th time.  “

Jacob B.

3D Animator

” I like to figure out how things work, rigging and animation is like understanding the object at a deeper level, each one is a new experience. “

Kane P.

2D Artist

” As a 2D concept artist, my passion is telling a story through design. Games always begin with the concept art, and being involved in that first important step never gets old. “

Stephen W.

General Administrator

”  Its the little things that matter.
It’s an honor to help bring the little things together from chaotic to orderly.  “




”  As a UI / UX designer, It’s always a fun challenge putting all the pieces together. It’s like a giant puzzle. You just have to keep moving elements around until they click in place. “

Oli V.

Story Board

” As a writer, I am interested in genres that push boundaries and new approaches to old ideas. That’s why I love working on video games.  “

Nathanaël W.

Sound Engineer

”  I love telling stories through music. I’ve often gotten goosebumps from moments in games and films, and now I want to be the force behind those moments for others.  “

Alex R.


”  Games are the best medium to create new fantasy worlds, and I love the challenge of using sounds to make those worlds come to life and feel real.  “

Victor B.

2D Illustrator

” Art, for me, is what brings about the opportunity to appreciate life; what allows you to tell stories and live the same thing in different ways. Finding the best way to make something, albeit a character or a vehicle, is what I find truly enjoyable. The joy of exploring can be most strongly found in art.  “

Christina K.

3D Artist

” Videogames being an escape from reality, 3D art is the perfect outlet for endless possibilities when it comes to my creativity.  “

Isacco C.

3D Artist

” Each new design is the beginning of a new adventure of exploration and discovery, it is like travelling through unknown worlds in search of the perfect quirky solution, and I love it !  “

Brandon S.

Intern Jr. Programmer

” Video games have been a constant source of joy and fascination for me, igniting a passion that has only deepened with time. From the early days of pixelated adventures, to the immersive, lifelike worlds of today, my love for video games has evolved alongside the industry itself.  “

Hamidreza O.

Intern Environmental Artist

” The environment has always inspired me. A combination of 3D art with a taste for graphics and architecture is a mesmerizing passage of time when delved deep into, and I am amused by it to create environments that have so much to tell.”